Sweetie Candy Vigilante Vol 2 Issue #1 Cover N (Incentive Ivan Tao Pencils)

Sweetie Candy Vigilante Vol 2 Issue #1 Cover N (Incentive Ivan Tao Pencils)

Sweetie Candy Vigilante Vol 2 Issue #1 Cover N (Incentive Ivan Tao Pencils)

$3.99 was

Sweetie Candy Vigilante Volume 2 Issue #1 Cover N (Incentive Ivan Tao Pencils)

Written by Suzanne Cafiero

Art by Thiago Vale

Produced by John Cafiero

Published by Dynamite Comics

Release Date 2/14/2024



Riding in hot on the heels of a cliffhanger ending—the eagerly anticipated return of Blood! Guts! and a Sugar Rush is here! 

Sweetie and her Candy Vigilante squad are back to kick off Volume Two of their SWEET new series with the epic, not-to-be missed “Sugartown Showdown!” Together with her shape shifting, licorice-loving lycanthrope Candy Wolf and newly “minted” ninjette warrior Pixie Stix, Sweetie faces off against her “salty” arch-nemesis Bart Volgare and his gang of thugs in the icy, snowy streets of New York City with a violently delicious fury. 

So, you have chosen salt? So be it! Blood is spilled and lives are changed (including many ended) as an army of fabled supernaturals and sugar-fueled allies hop into action to scramble bad eggs. Candy Wolf shows the crime syndicate soldiers what big teeth he has, while Pixie gives her newly gifted nunchucks a maiden battlefield test-spin, reducing criminal weaponry to molten scrap metal! Sweetie’s signature Jawbreaker gun also resurfaces, armed with delicious new ammo (can’t you just smell the gingerbread?), but not before she unleashes some brand-new, sweetly sinister confections that wash away the naughty and leave a wicked smile on your face—literally! Isn’t that NICE

What does Bart have to say for himself about the disappearance of Sweetie’s parents? Will a certain supercharged monster truck fueled by ice cream make the scene? When the candy-coated carnage ends, will the bodies be bagged before NYC’s Department of sanitation barrels down the block to do their rounds? Pick up Sweetie Candy Vigilante Vol. 2 #1 and find out, gumdrop! 

This debut issue also includes a FREE MP3 download of the song “The Land of Hatchy Milatchy,” a new, never before released track by OSAKA POPSTAR recorded specifically for this series!

Start the new year with a resolution to make your life SWEETER!


"Like a technicolor grindhouse film ... a gory pop-color epic reminiscent of the glory days of Heavy Metal magazine and late-night cult films. “ - THE COMIC BOOK DISPATCH

"Picture Willy Wonka directed by Quentin Tarantino and you're getting warmer." - COMICAL OPINIONS